Services & Prices

Recurring Services

You decide which service you need and how often. For example once or twice per week we can organize the following:

  • House cleaning

  • Laundry pick-up

  • Garbage disposal and recycling

  • Drinks delivery (crates)


 Occasional services

We can arrange one-off services depending on your needs. This could be:

  • Pet-sitting during your vacations 

  • Empty your mailbox

  • Watering your plants / garden

  • Car pick-up / delivery (maintenance or repairs)


Combo: recurring & occassional

Or you may choose to combine some recurring services with the occasional extras. As an example:

  • once per week house cleaning
  • once a month recycling disposal (PET, cardboard & paper, etc)
  • once a month drinks delivery
  • occasional chauffeur service
  • while you're on holiday: care of your house plants, pets, etc.


Our prices:

Our hourly rate starts at 35 CHF and fluctuates depending on the service and required competence.

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Our services

Which task would you like to delegate to us?
You decide which service you need and how often and we'll arrange all the rest. 

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Garbage disposal & recycling
washing and ironing
Pet sitting & care
Plants & garden care
Construction & repairs
Chauffeur & car service
Relocation services
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